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I can’t express the humbling experience I encountered when I began to write my story for Today’s Inspired Latina Volume III, published May 2017.  It literally healed me. 

It was not the story I intended to write and definitely was not the one I ever intended on sharing and for that I say, this story chose me. For anyone who’s ever considered writing their own story or even more for the ones who haven’t… I feel compelled to share with you that writing can heal you, change you and make you realize that adversity is your greatest teacher and ultimately can become your greatest advantage.

As women, we’re too busy taking care of everyone else first and we leave ourselves for last. Sometimes we get so caught up in living our lives and the constant going, going, going and rarely do we make the time to stop and smell the flowers, to really reflect and meditate on our personal experiences and find the beauty in our stories. We feel guilty for so many things. Therefore, I would like to empower you to take a moment to just breathe and begin to write…about anything and everything. Then I invite you to share it.

It is through writing that I now know about the power of getting vulnerable and sharing my story, because it is not just my story; it is our story. We have to be willing to get uncomfortable, to get vulnerable and more importantly we have to be willing to share because it’s by sharing that we can learn from one another, discover resources, find our voice and activate others.


Don’t let your story die within you. No matter what you’ve been through, only you have the power to wake up tomorrow and change your story. In the end, we’re all stories but it’s what you do with your story that matters.



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